Danielle’s Diabetes

Hi all,

Today I would like to talk about my daughter Danielle. Danielle has juvenile diabetes,  she got them at age eight. Just a couple of weeks before her ninth birthday. In fact she was in the hospital at U.K on her ninth birthday while I was learning how to cope with all I had to learn in only a matter of  hours. After crying my eyes out the whole night before. The second morning in the hospital was my day to learn all about carbs, calories, and the different ways to count carbs with the glucose factor. I am fairly good at it now, as is she. Danielle can give her own shot to herself. Check her own glucose, but mom or dad must fix her insulin in the needle for her. But for a young girl who has only had juvenile diabetes for around four months she is doing well. In a year she will be able to get the insulin pump which will make Danielle a very happy little girl, and if it makes my little girl happy of course I will be happy as well!