A Member of Influenster

Well I just thought I would let some of you in on a great place to get free things when you are picked for them it’s called Influenster.com. I just signed up last month, it cost me nothing except a small amount of my time… The site sends you these boxes to review. They ask that you blog about your box and do other little fun activities. I am currently trying to earn some badges. You will have a score on your account page, mine is something like seventy… I really didn’t do allot to get it and now I  have an email in my inbox saying I have a Vox Box on the way.  It’s contents I do not know until it gets here. But I will update this post and let you know when it gets at my home. You can join this community free. You will need to go to Influenster.com to make you an account and so forth… Well I will be watching the mail until it comes. And best of all it is free…blogwidget3So if you like free things and want to hear about more as I find them be sure and keep reading my blog….I will be posting more sites as I find them…


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