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Juvenile Diabetes

Well I guess I should start by telling you a little about my daughter Danielle. She is a nine-year old girl, who loves about everything life has to offer. Danielle wasn’t afraid of anything since her father has had her holding snakes and critters since she was around three years old. Now I don’t mean poison snakes or anything harmful. But Danielle is sort of a tomboy i’d say to be exact. You see we live in eastern Kentucky and there isn’t a lot of things here to do outside except getting to know the wildlife and playing outside in the yard and the woods. So if you are gonna play in the woods here you better know your critters that are dangerous. But anyhow I will start at how we learned of Danielle’s health issue. It started around six months ago with her getting an ear infection. We took Danielle to the Dr. on monday that week. We were told she had an ear infection and were given antibiotics for Danielle. Well by saturday evening Danielle was very sick. She started with an upset stomach which followed with pucking. I told my husband I thought maybe she had caught a stomach virus as well. So on sunday morning we took Danielle to the hospital the following morning. Now given I or my husband had no one in our immediate family’s with diabetes so we had no idea of what we were in for. But thanks to some very nice people we were able to find out was wrong with our little girl with blood work and a urine sample. After telling them of what we were seeing Danielle go through the week before. And in less than an hour we were told our little girl had juvenile diabetes. We were looking at each other and just wondering if we were hearing the nurse’s and doctors right. Our daughters life was on the line she had a count of five hundred and sixty glucose number. We were in shock. How do you go from being a healthy eight year old girl to being sick overnight? Well it happens and no one could tell us why or how it happened. There were signs we did notice like her mouth being very dry, and her needing to go to the restroom more at school a couple weeks before she got sick. But I just did not think of these things being signs of a sickness that almost took our little girls life. But now I can say she is doing wonderful with her diabetes. Actually she is taking it much easier than I did when I found out she had diabetes. So what I am trying to say is just watch for the signs of this sickness. I would never want anyone to loose someone to this, especially a child.


Danielle’s Diabetes

Hi all,

Today I would like to talk about my daughter Danielle. Danielle has juvenile diabetes,  she got them at age eight. Just a couple of weeks before her ninth birthday. In fact she was in the hospital at U.K on her ninth birthday while I was learning how to cope with all I had to learn in only a matter of  hours. After crying my eyes out the whole night before. The second morning in the hospital was my day to learn all about carbs, calories, and the different ways to count carbs with the glucose factor. I am fairly good at it now, as is she. Danielle can give her own shot to herself. Check her own glucose, but mom or dad must fix her insulin in the needle for her. But for a young girl who has only had juvenile diabetes for around four months she is doing well. In a year she will be able to get the insulin pump which will make Danielle a very happy little girl, and if it makes my little girl happy of course I will be happy as well!